If you love the high stakes and strategy of “Call of Duty” but desire a break from staring endlessly at television screens and screaming at n00bs through a headset, a tabletop version of the game could soon be your solution.

The “Call of Duty” board game has officially arrived, and the trailer promoting it is about as moto as can be for anything to ever come in a cardboard box.

After being funded through Kickstarter, Aug. 1 marked the launch of the project, which, at a glance, seems akin to a modernized, reimagined “Risk.”

“Experience the acclaimed Call of Duty gameplay like never before, right on your tabletop! Engage in tactical battles on authentic Call of Duty maps and play legendary operators such as Ghost Riley and Captain Price,” a press release said.

Though Activision owns and produces “Call of Duty,” the board game is created by Arcane Ventures.

“Over the coming days and weeks, we will be unveiling new content and unlocks to help make this game the absolute best it can be,” the production company wrote.

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